As anti CCSS Warriors, we’ve heard of educational research on the K-12 level, the higher education level, but did you know there’s an educational research group for those in pre-kindergarten? I first wrote about the National Institute for Early Education Research and their Zero to Three involvement:¬† While thatContinue Reading

What Could Possibly Be ‘Right’ About Common Core? In today’s post we’ll measure the latest ‘new evidence’ about Common Core in the classroom. Let’s get the Fib-o_Meter fired up! First, the organization: ASCD (formerly, The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) The website: “Total Truth”, each state has anContinue Reading

As you’ve come to depend on, it’s Friday, which means we put Common Core to the Fib-o-Meter Test! Today’s update features one of my very first posts called “Not On My Watch”. (see:¬† As I’ve done all this week, I’m updating pertinent information in an effort to help us fortifyContinue Reading