Sic ‘Em Saturday

Sic 'Em Saturday

   Sic ‘Em Saturdays will be short &  action packed to get you ready for the week ahead.

 1) While much focus in on the CCSS in K-12, don’t forget, Pre K and post High School.

      Remember, the hidden agenda is ‘womb to tomb’!!

 2) Imagine CCSS is a big cockroach nest you just discovered in your kitchen when you entered the room and turned on the light. What would you do? YOU’D try to kill them all at once or focus on one or two while the rest quickly scatter?!

      Teamwork is the key to killing many cockroaches…so is ridding our nation of CCSS!!

 3) You know that person who wants to help you, but is hesitant to jump in against CCSS?

      Encourage them continually, CCSS will not go away while a few folks attack it and others go on their way! Need any help with other encouraging ways? Any ‘Stop Common Core’ group can help, review my earlier posts from this week. Visit my associates’ blogs, like LadyLiberty1885, LibertySpeaks, etc.

  4) Put on your team colors & get out there! It’s a great day to kill a roach!

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