Blockchain and School Choice Vouchers – Social Impact Podcast with Lynn Davenport

Lynne Taylor, Common Core Diva, is a weekly guest on The Sons of Liberty Media Show’s Wednesday “Rotten to the Core” episodes. For the past 3 years, SoL has set Wednesday aside for the latest in global-to-local education corruption. Most recently, Lynne has joined forces with another independent thinker, Suzanne Hamner (Hamner It Out on Brighteon) to create the Liberty Belles.

Lynne has been recognized by her peers as an expert in Common Core, Career Tech Education, Career Pathways, P-TECH, workforce and competency based education (CBE) reform, social emotional learning (SEL), STEM/STEAM/STREAM from the UN, and federal overreaches into education and our families. She explains the STEM craze and the manufactured STEM worker shortage.

Blockchain technologies are making their way into K-12 and higher education as a means to conveniently store academic record, transcripts, vaccine records, and mental health data. The biggest threat to public school students with this new distributed ledger technology is tracking, sorting, controlling, and the interoperability of the data collected. Once the blockchain technology is scaled statewide and nationwide, the next step will be digital twinning where children and their lives will be entered into a tokenized economy for the Metaverse.

School choice vouchers on blockchain is another Trojan horse. HR 6380 is a bait-and-switch school choice bill that would give 10,000 per student. Lynne explains the trap set for those who want public education dollars to follow the child. Parents of private school or homeschool children who take the bait will inevitably be required to jump through government hoops. Private and homeschools will lose their independence and freedom to educate students on their terms.

Lynne Taylor

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