Lynne Taylor — Kakistocracy

We discuss RX Kids, Universal Basic Income, Education Savings Accounts, Education 4.0, separation of church and state, and analyze the documentary Unlocked: the Jail Experiment.

Lynne’s links:
1) The link to the case study from Chicago in the 1980s.

(The link states that Father Clements was in the Baptist Church) however, he was from the Catholic Church.


3) From Rowan County NC (a neighboring county to where I live):

4) From VA:

5) From LA:

Attached is the flyer from OK for their program which clearly states it’s modeled after the Chicago One Church/One Child.

6) From OH:

(This one identified using school districts as a partner)

7) Archived and from the Catholic Church, Pope Francis’s words on One Church/One Family:

8) Tying the One Church/Family to the NWO:

9) A former interview I gave on the government using religion to address poverty and social justice:

10) This one, from 2017, addressed the federal gov’t using churches for ‘resettlements’/social services paid for by US taxpayers and how it connected to education:

Shit Shooting 101

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