The Supreme Court’s Shuck & Jive Show

The Supreme Court has become nothing but a political tool to advance an anti-American agenda. While many focus on some of what they call “big deals” that SCOTUS looks at, and there’s no denying there are some of those, they often miss some of the most important cases that come before the court. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode to put a spotlight on a case that isn’t getting much attention except from those attempting to pave the way for further government intervention into “education.”

Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode along with additional resources provided by Lynne.

We recently covered the news about school choice and the Supreme Court(See: ) but this ‘article’ by the Washington Post is gaining traction.

(Note that Valerie Strauss wrote this)

Charlotte Iserbyt featured Strauss in this article on DDD:

Who owns the WP? Why, Jeff Bezos, of course!

What does Bezos want in education? From his Family Foundation: (note the global citizenship)

Here’s a ‘rebuttal’ of sorts to Strauss’s article:

The NEPC document Strauss was expounding on:

(*Note: Welner has long been a voice for LGBTQ students:  Welner’s CV:

Oh, and look: Strauss AND Welnar’s publication:

Welnar’s paper on education ‘inequity’:

Welnar’s paper questioning the Gates Initiative for Ed (Remember Charlotte’s article above?)

Speaking of Gates, leads us to a future of conformity, but look, Welnar’s in that too!

(Note: go to this page to see the CCSS Machine’s representation: )

Petitions the Supreme Court is watching right now:

(This SC document from 6/6/22, page 6 shows the decision for a lower court to send up information on the St. Augustine school case was denied: *Interestingly enough, Justice Barrett recused herself from the St. Augustine School Case due to the case being from the 7th Circuit.

The calendar for the SC:

The “Opinion Issuance” Day was June 6th, 2022:

Related resources:

Bezos tied to the Reagan Foundation/CCSS Machine:

Bezos tied to the Social Emotional/data mining part of the CCSS Machine:

Bezos tied to the US Dept of HHS’s CHIP updates for data tracking:

From NC, A State Supreme Court case:

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