Why After School Satan Clubs Are Not Protected Under Constitution

In this videocast, The Liberty Belles supplement The Sons of Liberty Radio Show with Tim Brown at 6AM on “Rotten to the Core” Wednesday, featuring Lynne Taylor, the Common Core Diva, January 18, 2022.  Lynne and Suzanne discuss the After School with Satan Clubs as having no protection under the Constitution for the united States of America, the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Holy Bible as being able to build temples, proselytize anyone and implement their “doctrine” in the united States.

As a source of reference, Lynne and Suzanne pointed to the excellent work by constitutionalist and lawyer, Publius Huldah, in her presentation on her blog, and her writings detailing what actually constitutes an “established religion” as understood and conveyed throughout history by our founders. Ms. Publius has been a featured contributor to The Sons of Liberty Media and always brings forth exceptional knowledge in presenting how the Constitution frames our government and how to find answers to many issues by using the Constitution, not “case law” or Supreme Court precedents and opinions.

The establishment of After School with Satan Clubs is not new, as Lynne and Suzanne point out. However, with the Operation Mockingbird media highlighting these “clubs” as somehow new, the Belles wanted to make sure everyone knew this has been in play for many years, is not new, and is something communities can eliminate by understanding our founding documents and the instruction given by God concerning the “doctrine of demons”. It is an issue that should be discussed and action taken to protect our children from false doctrines.

Armor up and fasten your seatbelts!

You can find The Liberty Belles on BitChute, Rumble, and UgeTube. Hopefully soon, Vimeo will be added to the Belles’ platforms. Currently, BitChute is limiting the video file size to 2 GB. Suzanne is working on condensing the videos to fit the allotted file size.

If you would like The Liberty Belles to come and speak at your event, either in person or via Zoom, please contact Suzanne Hamner at suzannehamner0731@gmail.com. You can find Lynne at thecommoncorediva.com, sonsoflibertymedia.com, Breaking News Journal, and other outlets as well. Suzanne is a contributor to sonsoflibertymedia.com and has the video platform, “Hamner It Out”, on Brighteon.com.

The upcoming “Saturday Night Special” with The Liberty Belles will be on February 5th, 2022, at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. Lynne and Suzanne will be live on their Facebook page – The Liberty Belles. Mark your calendars to be there. Bring your friends and neighbors!

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