For this entry under “Would You Believe It Wednesday”, we’re looking at Common Core Standards as if we are considering our evening meal choice…ordering ‘delivery’ or ‘dining in’… Your Menu: Just announced yesterday via an email I received, Amplify now offers Common Core Standard aligned lessons, assessments on the go!Continue Reading

It’s Monday & what better time to talk about assessments and education. Did you know assessments are NOT education? That’s correct. First off there many different kinds of assessments: formative, summative, diagnostic, norm referenced, criterion referenced and those benchmarked ones are the ones most used in today’s classrooms. (according toContinue Reading

   Sic ‘Em Saturdays will be short &  action packed to get you ready for the week ahead.  1) While much focus in on the CCSS in K-12, don’t forget, Pre K and post High School.       Remember, the hidden agenda is ‘womb to tomb’!!  2) Imagine CCSSContinue Reading

It’s Friday! Fridays mean fun and for our purposes it is the time to weigh all those fibs, facts and downright mysterious things we’ve heard about Common Core Standards but aren’t sure just what to do with them.         So, I’ve come up with a plan! Don’tContinue Reading