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COVID’s Tyrannical Jackpot

July 15, 2020 @ 6:00 am - 7:00 am

The entire COVID propaganda has resulted in several tyrannical actions by both the current DC administration, as well as governors and mayors across the United States. They’ve really hit the proverbial jackpot if you will when it comes to tyranny with the COVID narrative. Among the payouts to the tyrants is control and money. The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me this morning to explain the way tyrants are holding you and your children down while making a boatload of cash at your expense.

Additional information for further research provided by Lynne.

Link for the President’s wish to defund education over COVID and many are very upset:

DeVos wants to use COVID to divert public ed funds directly to parents (false narrative for school choice, yet again):

(**New, and not in my published article)
However, Obama wished to defund education over Title 9 and bathroom gender issues, not many complained:

The Senate Judiciary Press Release link for the ‘praises’ for toughening S 3398 (EARN It Act):,abuse%20material%20on%20the%20internet.

For Homework or Context:
Sons of  decision for allowing public ed funds into private and homeschools and how it is a very BAD thing

2) The 15 minute YouTube interview for New American Magazine (Alex Newman), where I share the concerns about Trump as a globalist. This will fit nicely with the statement Celeste made about Trump’s March 13th speech.

3) From Sons/Liberty, 2014, the article about child sex trafficking in DC.
In that article, a YouTube video, which is not visible in the article, link:
(warning: graphic language/topic)

In the video, Boys Town USA was brought up as a center for child sex trafficking. My archive article on Boys Town USA shows it was a hub for SEL research (Social Emotional Learning). CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Ed) uses SEL on children as young as 3 years old!

4) From the Stop CSE! website, a complete list of educational published resources (many were left off the NCOSE’s list):

Many of these ARE classroom/public library/after school child porn worthy items! Will these fall under S 3398’s shift from ‘child pornography’ to ‘child sexual abuse material’?

S 3398 at its current state doesn’t appear to make this happen.



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