It’s Friday! Fridays mean fun and for our purposes it is the time to weigh all those fibs, facts and downright mysterious things we’ve heard about Common Core Standards but aren’t sure just what to do with them.         So, I’ve come up with a plan! Don’tContinue Reading

“Would You Believe It” Wednesday Since ancient times there’s been a divide between those who believe in God and those who don’t. If you research deep enough and far enough back, you’ll discover that science was born out of a love for and reverence to the Creator. Enter the Renaissance,Continue Reading

Happy September! If you’re like me, you are a parent who takes their role as one seriously. A ‘job’ which is bestowed to the strongest of the willing. An honor given to many. Cherished and burdensome though our role may be at times. Simply put, we wouldn’t have life anyContinue Reading

This will be appropriate for sharing with those you know in all walks of life, as insurance impacts everyone one of us. Have you wondered just how far reaching Common Core Standards are? I have. Being an avid researcher, I’ve come to know that the Common Core Standards are inContinue Reading