Not only does the Trump administration continue to advance a globalist education agenda (Yes, they use terms you like to hear such as choice and charter schools, but the definitions remain the same as previous administrations), but the CDC is now advocating for “school sleepovers,” “pod hangouts,” and “pod schools.”Continue Reading

The attacks against us are coming hard and fast from DC.  The first part is their attack on five states for supposed civil rights violations centering on not masking up when the schools should.  The second part is the reshaping of our US military. The Common Core Diva Lynne TaylorContinue Reading

This episode of The Liberty Belles finds Lynne and Suzanne shifting gears. The two colleagues discuss the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) “guidance” on masks for students returning to school in the fall in light of the COVID-19 “pandemic”. Not only do these “guidances” pertain to students in grades K-12,Continue Reading