Just released from the Common Core Standards laden group, Foundation for Excellence in Education, is a report titled (and this is NO joke) “Turn and Face the Strain”. The report is a true ‘gloom, doom, and we’ll all perish UNLESS we adhere to FEE’s way of aligning education’..This one’s goingContinue Reading

Surprise! My latest article for “Prevent Common Core” was just released a couple of hours ago.   Here’s the link. It’s about our future in America with CCSS and the plans from CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers).   A must read/share, regardless of the season.¬†http://preventcommoncore.com/?p=1247Continue Reading

Yesterday, we looked at the plans the President is desiring to have in place for education in America. We may see that ¬†Congress’ budget decisions may OR may not align with the CCSS, CTE, CCR (Common Core State Standards, Career Tech Education, and College/Career Readiness) agenda embedded in those plans.Continue Reading