In this final in-depth look at the massive amount of taxpayer money being requested to continue the CCSS Machine’s overreach into education (at all levels), we will see what portions of the almost $70 billion will go to post-secondary education. A part of Common Core, Career Tech Education, College andContinue Reading

It is no secret how fed up most American teachers are with Common Core Standards. Now iron-clad bound by the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). What MORE CCS (aka: Competency Based Education, College and Career Readiness, or Challenging State Academic Standards) will they be subjected to? What about the otherContinue Reading

Outrageous, isn’t it?! Not only will this Community College help you, they will charge you over $100.00 per person! One sentence even says, “Changes in curriculum and lack of recall often render adults¬†helpless when they try to assist their children with mathematics.”¬†Oh fabulous, not only am I a parent strugglingContinue Reading