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From the Files Tuesday Monday Musings

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, welcome back! I know it’s been a month since my last post here.
Who knew my trusty computer was planning to ‘die’ after that historic interview and article with Clarence Henderson.

Since our time apart, much has happened. I do hope and trust you’ve been able to listen in, each week, on the Sons of Liberty morning show.
I’m on (6:05 am, EST), each Wednesday.

You can also catch me, once a month on Mom’s Watching Media. That’s set for the second Tuesday (1:30 pm, EST).

The work on the TV channel, Breaking News Journal, has provided me, is progressing as well. I thank each of you, who’ve helped get the first hurdle of media funding, met. You can find the channel (Common Core Diva) on Roku (the Stick is suggested as the best option) and, soon, on Amazon Fire TV.
Until all these options are up and running, you can access the BNJ TV website and begin watching all sorts of informative shows. Subscription for all access is $2.99!

While we’ve been apart, my webmaster has created a SoundCloud channel for me (you can also look there for the Women on the Wall podcasts and find me as a guest on several shows), a Pintrest account, and, has created podcasts on the CCDiva website!

You can also find that I’ve branched out from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and can also be found on USA.life; MeWe; Parler; Telegram; Local Activist.org (part of the Citizens for Free Speech). Other social media platforms will be added soon! So stay tuned!

I’ve missed writing for you, but haven’t stopped researching!


We’re in exciting times, and we’ve much work to do, so, check back often. I want to thank those brave men and women in independent media who have dared to have ‘my’ truth and shared it with their listeners. One last distinct mention concerns the legendary education ‘rock star’, Charlotte Iserbyt.
She has admired my work for some time now and has added me to her Patriot Honor Roll in education. Thank you to all who nominated me to be added to this incredible list. I can also point out that several of you who have worked with me, are there, as well.


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