Anti Fed Ed Warriors, thank you for being such intelligent citizens! We’ve seen our media AND our government throw so many distractions at us, especially when it comes to education. If you are familiar with the children’s movie “UP!” you well remember the loveable dog. He would be committed toContinue Reading

I pray each of you has a happy time with family and friends this special season. No matter if it’s Hannukah, Christmas, Winter Solstice, or Kwanzaa, I wish you the very best. Let’s continue to fight against fed ed overreaches in 2020, regardless of political views or religion. Look forContinue Reading

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, there’s been much in the news about digital tracking, cyber snooping, and, systems which will build avatars of us to control us. Many of these set-ups are from within the US, as well as aligning us from the ‘global persceptive’. So what do you do whenContinue Reading