Constitution Day/Week Discussion

September 17th – It’s a day that is largely forgotten by most as to its importance. It is the day we in the united States honor one of our founding documents – The Constitution for the united States of America. But, did you know this entire week is “Constitution Week”? The Liberty Belles will be looking at The Constitution, Biden’s “proclamation” regarding Constitution Day/Week, the lack of recognition by most members of Congress, and why individuals in the united States should not only honor that day/week vociferously; but, it should be honored everyday in our actions and responsibilities for self-government.

A government is not going to educate the people or children in a manner which could see those individuals rise up against it. If more people in the united States read, understood, supported, protected and defended our founding documents, the people would understand just how far the present occupants of Washington, DC, have overstepped the authority given them by the people.


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