Liberty Belles 4

Episode 4 on education.
Suzanne Hamner & Common Core Diva, Lynne Taylor, return for a third instalment of the Liberty Belles.

You’ll want this link:
Also cited on the OR govt pages: The Scientific Safety Review Working Group (based in CA, but look at the member states and groups. I found this on the OR vax blog:
Note that Kaiser Permanete (responsible for partnering the CDC to rewrite the ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) assessment, which ties to the

SEL (Social Emotional Learning). Embedded in SEL is all the ‘whole child, healthy child’ rhetoric. AND

This one from PBS (which has aligned itself to the CCSS Machine, as I call it):

Under the CARES Act (Pres. Trump & COVID), OR received $13 billion:

Under the American Rescue Act (Pres. Biden & COVID), OR received between $6 and 7 billion;

Pushing kids to be good collective citizens for ‘social justice’ and safety: AND


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