Noahide Covenant Month – Rainbows: Logical Fallacies & Their Teachings

Still think Zionists are your friends? Well, the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me to unmask how the Noahide laws are being incorporated into an entire month of celebration of them that also uses the LGBTQ+ rainbow. We also air a portion of Judaism’s Strange Gods.

Articles, links, videos and bonus videos mentioned in this episode.

1) This link ‘answers’ Noahide Covenant:
This link shows a supposed connection to Pentecost/Noahide Covenant to the book of Jubilee:
(Note:In our Bibles, the account of Pentecost is in the New Testament, while the sign of the rainbow is in Genesis.)
2) From Instagram, this homeschool Mom’s Biblical worldview includes the Noahide Covenant month:
3) A blog that explained the supposed link between God’s promises and the Rainbow flag: AND
4) From ‘Answers in Genesis’, this 2019 article hits the fact that the colors man has assigned to God’s rainbow (per Scripture or otherwise) are ARBITRARY. Nowhere in Scripture did God assign colors OR their meanings to the sign of His promise in Genesis.
IF you look up and compare what Christians have used to denote meanings tied to certain Scriptures, you’ll see that the communities using the rainbow aren’t as far apart as the media wants us to believe.

Judaism’s Strange Gods ~ Michael A. Hoffman


Judaism Discovered: Michael Hoffman & Jeff Rense

Judaism Discovered Michael Hoffman Jeff Rense Full Interview 2

Ben Swann: Did Israel Help To Create Hamas?

Bishop Damian giving a stark warning to the German people

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