Other TV Influences – It’s Not Just Disney

With everyone focusing on the debauchery involving Disney, particularly the Operation Mockingbird media, it’s easy to forget all the other TV influences that are being overlooked. The Liberty Belles take a look at the other TV influences in this episode, remembering when there were only 3 television channels with family programming, that promote gender bending, STEM, and a host of UN agendas, including SDGs (sustainable development goals). Not only has Hollywood been compromised, but “adult beauty pageants” have succumbed and used to promote the UN agendas. The book, “Beauty Pageants: Not Just for Girls Anymore”, reiterates the TV/Hollywood influence, specifically citing how things like over-sexing of children can even include beauty pageants.

This ties into the previous research on Edward Bernays and the Noahide Laws. And, we show recent news articles on what is being put front and center as a distraction.

We know things have not been equal in Hollywood, but do you see how all this is being blended in like a bad batch of margaritas?


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