Slanting The Narrative

This is a don’t miss episode of The Liberty Belles. Join Lynne and Suzanne as they discuss HR 7780 which passed the House on September 29, 2022, and now is working its way through the Senate. This bill will codify mental health as the purview of “covered grantees” that WILL NOT require informed consent from parents for mental health services provided to their offspring by any school, private entity, or other organization. Moreover, informed consent is missing for all other as well. Promoters of this bill are slanting the narrative.

This piece of legislation has 10 related bills; however, much of those bills were folded into HR 7780. The vote for HR 7780 was partisan in nature with the majority party in the House passing the bill. While the minority party “attempted” to push through an addendum to counter the massive overreach ignoring informed consent, the addendum was defeated along party lines. The minority party claimed the addendum was to prevent services to children regarding sexual orientation and “transgender” promotion unless parental consent was obtained, but it did nothing of the sort.

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