The Liberty Belles Nuke Parental Rights Amendment with Constitutional attorney Joanna Martin

First of all, we apologize for the late posting. Many of you are aware of the increased challenges to Suzanne’s time. So, if you missed The Liberty Belles “Saturday Night Special” live with constitutional attorney, Joanna Martin, aka Publius Huldah, you can catch it here.

The Liberty Belles, with the valuable expertise of Ms. Martin, nuke the parental rights amendments that many in the states are touting as “providing rights” to parents when it comes to school curricula, removing sex education from the schools, and giving parents “tools” to combat uncooperative school boards. These parental rights amendments do not do any of what is being claimed as Ms. Martin confirms. Moreover, the issue of school choice is being interwoven into this issue as a means to provide parents with more control over the education of their offspring. School choice does not provide parents with more control, but actually helps an agenda go forward that will eradicate more God-given unalienable rights. Ms. Martin confirms what the Liberty Belles research has exposed.


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