Hunt Institute has a long history of being Common Core supportive. While it appears all anti CCSS eyes are on the HR5 (the re-authorization of the NCLB), it’s been proven via documents that the HEA re-authorization is just as CCSS tied! Both have been re-authorized in almost the same timeContinue Reading

Today’s post originally was published on 8/31/14 and addressed the levels of frustration that appear to be the goal with Common Core. I wanted to do an update on the organizations reported on in the original post. To access the original writing in its entirety: For our purposes today,Continue Reading

College football season officially kicked off today, and I, for one, am SO happy! I was one of those who ‘mourned’ when the season ended back in January 2014, with the crowning of the newest college ‘super team’ during the last bowl game. Alas, after 200 or so days, IContinue Reading