Riddle Me This & I’ll Tell You That Sunday


Sunday is upon us. A day to relax (or in my case, attempt resting) and ponder all we have accomplished in the past week while we consider what is before us in the upcoming week.


Respecting the fact that you are a very busy person, Sunday’s entries will be quite different from the other days. Each Sunday, will be the RMT Day (short for ‘Riddle Me This’). How it works:

                           1) Leave me a question about the Common Core Machine (meaning  anything related to CC)

                               Example: ‘Dear Common Core Diva, Why is it public private partnerships are in education?’

                           2) I’ll do my best to answer as quickly as possible.

                               Example: “Dear Riddler, According to the 2009 Stimulus bill, which is a big part of the backstory to CC,

Stimulus $$ established $48.3 million on SLDS, Student Longitudinal Data System, (included post-secondary/workforce as well as technology assistance and evaluation). Two hundred million was used for Improving Education under Title 4, NCLB.  School Improvement (including tech & needs for homeless students under Title II of NCLB) got $720 million. IDEA (covers disabilities for ages 3-21), $12.2 billion. Education for the disadvantaged (Title 1), $13 billion (included taking corrective actions and restructuring NCLB)  Innovation Fund (aka “Whatever Works”), $650 million (it’s a new fund with the purpose of achieving academic excellence. A big stipulation, MUST establish a partnership with a private business or a philanthropic foundation. As part of the Stimulus $$, non public students & teachers MUST be included via Title 1, part A, Title 2, part D (includes education & technology) and IDEA, part B.
Enter Race to the Top with $4.35 billion (aka State Incentive Grants) Stipulations: teacher equity, launch SLDS, enhance quality standards & assessments, support struggling schools under NCLB. 
When you factor in in this stipulation, it is the momentum that helped spur the CC Machine into overdrive. Remember, the Stimulus $$ was placed in the states’ pockets back in 2009. ICYDK, Gates (as in Bill Gates & Microsoft) had married business in education back in 2004 when he signed the “Cooperation Agreement” with UNESCO to create a ‘master curriculum’. (Berit Kjos’ wonderfully researched blog article/printed booklet delves into this topic. If you do not have this resource, you should.)
Now, my followers, your Common Core questions don’t have to be eloquent, short, long, etc. The important thing is to ask a question that pertains to any part of Common Core (and there are SO many topics, sub topics)
Okay, there you have it! So, c’mon & ‘riddle me this & I’ll tell you that!
Happy querying!


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