Educratic Squirrel, Anyone?


Anti Fed Ed Warriors, thank you for being such intelligent citizens! We’ve seen our media AND our government throw so many distractions at us, especially when it comes to education.

If you are familiar with the children’s movie “UP!” you well remember the loveable dog. He would be committed to one activity, only to lose all control when a squirrel was seen. If you’re not familiar, just look at the featured screen shot.

Is D.C.’s Latest Squirrel, China?

Warriors, just a couple of weeks ago, the NGA (National Governors Assoc.) had their winter meeting.
U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo
had several comments about the Chinese activity here in America.
You can read his words [ ] (or listen). I’m not going to show you the Communist Chinese fronting organization Sec. Pompeo wants us to know about, I want to point you away from that squirrel to this reality:

We’ll look at the Thousand Talents Plan in a bit, but I want to direct you to words Sec. Pompeo has uttered in SUPPORT of STEM (Science, Technolgy, Engineering,and, Math). Wait, Lynne, he didn’t say ‘STEM’. No, Warriors, he didn’t, BUT he did say scientists. Scientists who’ve been immersed in STEM. STEM, as we know is global and from the UN (United Nations).

In January 2020, Sec. Pompeo addressed Silicon Valley at the courtesy of the Commonwealth Club. I’ve given you a look (below) at one of the pages from the Club’s Annual Report. It’s slam full of CCSS Machine groups.

What squirrel did the Secretary thow out to the tech/data mining entities of Silicon Valley? The risks of intellectual property rights in the hands of the Chinese.

Warriors, ask yourselves, why didn’t the Secretary point out that the USMCA is full of global intellectual property rights against the entire USA and that will take place right here in America!?
Why didn’t he correctly charge those in Silicon Valley with violations of Americans personal private information? No, he simply told Silicon Valley to keep making money. 

Warriors, go back and read the full text of Sec. Pompeo’s remarks to the NGA, he does shine a light on how sneaky Communism has been inserted in American education, however, the indoctrination is hardly new. It’s been going on for years. In fact, Common Core (aka: Career and College Readiness) has sped this process up. Add to that the globalism from STEM, American education has become totally indoctrinated!

The squirrel of many of America’s education woes are somehow at the hands of China is pretty low, when you consider the facts that the U.S. Government has been doing a ‘fine job’ for years!

From My Files, How ‘Chinese’ American Education Already Is:

Warriors, recently I shared with you a Congressional pair of bills which would focus lots of attention to Chinese Nationals in our instutitions of higher learning. (HR 1678 and S 1879). These would also address other nations, however, it the Chinese which are most suspected. What’s important to note is that by casting a watchful eye on one group, it opens the back door for any other group who could mean to harm us. Not to mention how innocent groups will be caught up as ‘unintended consequences’.

Then, from Dec. 2019, this interview I gave where the Chinese Social Credit System would be tied to edcuation via apprenticeships. If you aren’t sure how bitcoins (part of the Chinese Social Credit System) harm us in education (as in our everyday lives, please go back and read this.

Since Sec. Pompeo is calling ‘squirrel’ over China, why hasn’t he pointed to his own Agency’s plans for global peacekeeping? A Congressional Bill (HR 1111 would create a US Dept. of Peacekeeping, using the Sustainable Development Goals!).

Why didn’t Sec. Pompeo mention at either speaking engagement, his involvement with Ivanka Trump and the  Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (which falls under the SDGs and STEM), especially in workforce training in CTE (Career Tech Education, aka vocational tech)?

Others Voice Mistrust:

Warriors, of course we shouldn’t forget Lily Tang Williams’ story of growing up in Communist China, only to find the same ‘education’ in America, under Common Core!
From 2014, posted this article about how America shouldn’t use Common Core unless they wanted to become Chinese.
From 2019, Thoughtco posted that the Chinese owned American debt is in the trillions. Contrast that article with this Feb. 2020 article by The Balance. It goes into the economics. Why is that important? Warriors, economics is why education has been so dumbed down to workforce prep!
From classic education watchdog and whistleblower, Charlotte Iserbyt, her warnings about Communism in American edcuation.

Thousand Talents Plan:

Warriors, here’s the website link. While the Plan allows you a special citizen status while in China, as well as good pay, housing, etc. It also requires you to take on the Communist view and practices of the country. The Plan also wants those 55 years old and younger. Your talent will be rewarded with child education expenses, too. (Hmm, even China uses education expenses as a carrot on a stick.)

The Thousand Talents Plan began in 2008.

Contrast the Chinese Plan with the new Japanese System. I first saw this news program on my local PBS station.
I’ve not been able to retrieve the entire video, but I did grab a screen shot for you. You can find a ‘backstory’ article, here.

Warriors, those ‘conditions’? They depend on how qualified you are based on a point ranking system. The more educated you are, more points. The more skilled you are, more points. If you’re young, even more points. Collect enough points and you can live in Japan for as long as you like. 
‘Oddly enough’, the USMCA also has educational and skill attainment ranked in 5 categories. However, the only nod Sec. Pompeo gave the ‘Agreement’ was in his remarks to the NGA, and not even by its name.


, we are already facing so much socialism in our nation NOW, I’m not sure why Sec. Pompeo thinks calling ‘squirrel’ is appropriate. Under the USMCA, we’ll have some of the same compenents as I’ve detailed above.

I’m not sure about you, but I’d like to know my D.C. officials were as dedicated to telling us all the truth instead of what they think we’ll fall for.


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