WYBI: FEE’s CCSS ‘Opt Out’ Mocking

Would You Believe It Wednesday
We know FEE loves CCSS, but to mock those choosing to opt out is truly in poor taste.
We know FEE loves CCSS, but to mock those choosing to opt out is truly in poor taste.

In today’s “Would You Believe It?” post I hope you will find yourselves fired up more than ever to see the backside of the Common Core Machine ASAP! I know I am!

What Started This:

If you haven’t already, click on the above screen shot to enlarge it. Did you find that shallow? Well, guess what? There’s even more shallowness and poor taste on the Foundation for Excellence in Education‘s blog entry from 3/9/15.

Known as the “EdFly Blog”, even the title of the article is mocking. “I Wish I Could Opt Out of Writing This” was written by a paid member of the FEE family. His remark about going ahead and writing or he wouldn’t get paid is offensive, frankly. Consider the millions of students who will receive absolutely NO payment whatsoever for having to suffer the assessments currently being given. Maybe he found all the recent citizen uprisings, students walk outs, and teacher refusals to be a bit too much.

The Mocking Continued:
The vein of the article continues that by parents choosing to opt their children out of these high stakes assessments, the kids are being taught a lesson of avoidance for anything unpleasant. To which he compares the assessments to colonoscopies or other things that could be called ‘necessary evils’.

My Comments:

What the author is blind to is that parents are teaching their kids to stand up for what’s wrong! It is wrong that Common Core high stakes assessments exist at all, Mr. Author. It is right for the citizens of the US to exercise their rights to protest. It is right for a student to not have to be over tested. It is right that teachers and parents expose the CCSS Machine for what it is! You can find my similar comments in response to the blog.

Your Comments:

So, would you care to comment to the blog entry? I hope you give it to FEE with all you have! To access the mocking, smarmy article:

Read it all the way to the end and use the ‘response’ option. Help strike a blow to the CCSS supportive Foundation for Excellence in Education!


8 thoughts on “WYBI: FEE’s CCSS ‘Opt Out’ Mocking

    1. I posted a rebuttal directly to the blog article on 3/9/15 and it has been removed. So much for being mature about dissing parents but not being able to hear opposition. But, what do you expect, FEE is so pro CCSS it’s not funny.

  1. Poor taste, indeed. If you have to resort to insults instead of facts and data…you KNOW you’re on the wrong side of the argument!

  2. There are some things that just must be done:
    Following the law
    Using Common Sense
    Leading without controlling
    Not inflicting child abuse
    Questioning authorities that have no jurisdiction
    Protecting privacy and well being of OUR – not the government’s- children
    Requiring all pro-CC parents, educators, town administrators, public and parochial supers to publically take and pass multiple PARCC exams before having an opinion.

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