RMT: What Say You, Anti CCSS Warriors?

Riddle Me This Sunday
CCSS Machine: hear us roar!
CCSS Machine: hear us roar!

This Memorial Day Weekend: Join the other anti Common Core Warriors at #my3anticcswords OR #myanticcswords (on Twitter). All weekend (from Saturday to Monday) we’re collecting each other’s words (can be 3 word phrases or simply the 3 most appropriate words you can use to describe your feelings towards Common Core.

Maybe you’ve discovered that you’re not in favor of the birth to pre-K educational alignment to Common Core. Maybe it’s the post-secondary realm of education you can’t stand seeing aligned to Common Core. No matter where you are on the spectrum..


Why?? After this weekend is over, everyone will have some great ‘ammo’ to use with their local legislators and/or those who represent us in D.C. This is urgent because both the re-authorization for elementary/secondary AND post-secondary bills (HR5 and HEA) are due to be voted on (pro CCSS side is almost certain they’ll win) before the fall of 2015!.


Why only 3 words? We want our message  to be sharp. We want our words to be few and direct. We don’t have much time for long speeches. We must be quick, precise, and powerful. We are citizens of the United States of America. We don’t stand for tyranny..especially when it comes to our students, no matter how young or old. All students in American deserve an education that isn’t based on lies, indoctrination, and knowledge ‘less than’. I can think of no better way to honor those who’ve served our nation than to use our patriotic mindset to stand and fight for our freedom in this


If you don’t use Twitter, that’s fine. Leave your 3 words here and I’ll make sure they get to those who need it most.

Thank you, warriors for participating.

Thank you, citizens for wanting to see our educational system to be the best it can be, not sub-par.

Thank you, all for being American-minded. Three words, five minutes of your time (estimated length of time you’ll need to share your powerful words), and an everlasting impact.

7 thoughts on “RMT: What Say You, Anti CCSS Warriors?

  1. Every child uniquue.

    Curriculum too narrow.

    Educators not invoked.

    Let teachers teach.

    Common gore stinks.

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