Make That 300 Anti CCSS Posts, Please!

Monday Musings
Hard to believe it's only been 300 posts ago since I began sharing all my research with you.
Hard to believe it’s only been 300 posts ago since I began sharing all my research with you.

Ahh, another work week has begun. For those of us against the Common Core Machine, it’s another week of standing up for our students, teachers, and, parents. We’ve come a tremendous way, but we know, we’re SO not ‘done’ yet!!


August 2014:
After several years of in-depth and low-profile researching all I could about the CCSS Machine (Common Core State Standards Machine), quite a few of my local warriors asked me to begin to share publicly all that I’d found. Thus began my blogging days. Since then, together, you and I have covered 300 different (and yet still quite related) articles about all that Common Core encompasses.

Since August 2014, we’ve used all that’s been shared, by not only myself; but by many other warriors; MUCH true information about the undermining of U.S. education to help inform our fellow citizens as well as our legislators. Together, we’ve seen how Congress has fallen victim to the P3 Machine (Public Private Partnerships) which thrust us into this War Against the Core. We’ve been ‘bloodied and bruised’, but we’re STILL here! We’ll be here for as long as it takes to SAVE our nation and the future generations FROM an aligned, workforce minded caste educational system.

My deepest gratitude to ALL of you who have counted my research, writings, and, efforts in this War as credible. My hat is ‘tipped’ to each of you who’ve shared your personal battles in the War; to those who’ve asked questions, provided tips, and basically spurred me on to go MORE in-depth. Daily you remind me that what we do to preserve our freedom of educational choice; to protect our freedom from federal overreach that’s totally in violation of our U.S. Constitution; lastly, to protect our nation from those P3 groups which seek to reform our nation into a place we will not recognize.


Going Forward:

Simply stated, I’ll keep going. I know you are with me. That is a GREAT team effort.

Simply stated, we know the CCSS Machine has loaded up all it can to assimilate us in the upcoming school year. We WILL NOT go without continuing the fight!!

I’d like to thank the Idaho anti CCSS Warriors (officially known as Idahoans Against Common Core) for creating the picture below. Someone was inspired by my ‘Anti CCSS Back to School Wish’ article (this past “Weekend News” article).

Which reminds me, the pro sided CCSS folks at #SchoolYrResolution could use a few well placed CCSS truths (as only we anti CCSS warriors can provide). Letting our ‘enemies’ know we know what they are up to  is a great tactic of warfare. EVERY hole we can poke in the CCSS Machine is another opportunity for freedom to survive.

Remember we, the opposed, to Common Core (and ALL its parts)  are RENTLESS WARRIORS. Have a tremendous week. I’ll see you for the 301st posting and as many more as it takes to kill the CCSS Machine.

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