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Hello my fellow  Anti CCSS Warriors. You may or may not know that this past week has found me fighting another war, thus pulling me away from my part in helping rid our nation of the CCSS Machine. This other war, is one that is impacting my entire family. It is Alzheimer’s and it is killing my mother. While I have been rushing to and from the hospital, chatting with doctors, touring hospice centers, and facing new challenges I’ve never faced before; somewhere through it all, it dawned on me that the education battle we are in is not TOO far removed from Alzheimer’s.

While I’m gearing back up to pick up my laptop more than I have in the recent days, do know that I’ve been watching, listening, and, planning on how to pick up where I left off.  I will embed the last two articles, as they didn’t get as circulated as others. Why? Partly because of censorship and partly due to the latest health care crisis. However, before I link you to those, here is how I compared the CCSS Machine’s grasp on education to Alzheimer’s grasp on a brain.

A Death Knell:


What you see above are just the biggest similarities I’ve seen. Other ‘side effects’ of BOTH the CCSS Machine education reform and Alzheimer’s include:

Heartbreaking news
Innocent victims
Life changes we didn’t want, ask for, or need
So many tears, angry words, and feelings of alarm

Where I hope and pray the CCSS Machine education reform and Alzheimer’s DIFFER would be in the fact that there is no cure for the disease, but the education reform has a cure. What is that cure? I think it’s a multi-faceted one.

Dedicated Warriors, like us
The U.S. Constitution’s limits on what is federal and what is local
Continued and consistent pressure to expose the CCSS Machine
Protecting our students of all ages

Some Good News:

As depressing as dealing with a loved one dying can be, I do not want to leave the article so ‘gloomy and doomy’. So what is some good news? My research and writing has become so noticed nation-wide that the Patriot Institute ( has asked me to join their team of writers. I have my own column, Warriors! While the Patriot Institute covers other subjects I have no control over, my contribution will be education, as I have become known for. The articles you see here on my blog, will also appear on the PI website, too. During this past busy week, the founder of the PI has been posting previously published articles from here for me. I may, at some point, write something different on PI, but for the time being, it will be the same material. If you wish to find only my articles at PI,

Those last 2 articles I posted, and you may have missed:

Why this article is still needed: Continued and consistent pressure to use in fighting the CCSS Machine’s fallacy filled conversations concerning ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act).

Why this article is still needed: Protecting our students from being pawns of the CCSS Machine, especially for social justice issues which should be reserved for appropriate classes, not inserted into every single subject/class available.


As far as the censorship by the CCSS Machine, I’m used to it, so, together, we’ll keep finding ways to get truth out there.
I wish this was going to get easier, Warriors, but I think our hardest days are ahead, not behind us. Will I give up? No. I’d rather stay fighting.


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