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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, if you missed my previous article, titled “Virtually Tied Education”, I invite you to go back and read that before you continue on with today’s article. Today’s is a much needed follow-up filled with tons of information you need to know.

What’s so important to know? HR 4286 sets up a cyber cash/bitcoin system of tax credits for K-12 apprenticeships!
However, what I’ve discovered (and been given information to share) SINCE that last article is HUGE.

Let me start by telling you that when I called Rep. Budd’s office in Washington, his education and workforce specialist, Sam, told me I was the very first citizen (NC or otherwise) to call with concerns over this set-up to data rape our students. Those concerns were laid in in my first article.

(*Notes: other important points from that conversation include that Rep. Budd is not a career politician. That all the business people Rep. Budd has been in conversation with about education have encouraged him to want to help close the ‘skills gap’, give students good paying jobs so their student debt load is low, and that HR 4286 will limit federal overreaches in education, stop education policy bureaucrats while encouraging businesses to become more involved with education that allows parents more choices in how their children are educated. Questions I asked and requested feed back on: 1) Are ‘virtual apprenticeships’ the ‘missing link’ in a PfS (pay for success) system? 2) Will K-12th grade students have their cognitive competencies data mined (as those soldiers were in 1994. Then is was called ‘human capital risk management’)? )
I can also share that I was able to inform and counter some of Sam’s misinformation during this conversation.

Why would I use ‘data rape’ to describe tax credits? These tax credits are nothing more than a set of new data tags to control your children. What’s more, these credits will not be exclusive to public education!

Action Item:
If you’d like to express your concerns (after all it’s a federal bill, not a NC specific one), call 202-225-4531 and ask for Sam. I can tell you he took notes on what I said and even admitted he, nor Rep. Budd, had any clue about ESSA’s (Every Student Succeeds Act) mandate for all education to be aligned to the same post-secondary readiness standards as laid out by WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

Why is page 17 of ESSA (where you can find the above mandate) important in connection with HR 4286? Apprenticeships are workforce based education. But, go back and look what ages/grade groups HR 4286 targets.
Kindergarten to 12th grade, not post-secondary ages/institutions! Part of HR 4286’s language even will incentivize businesses to create early elementary apprenticeships which are 100% computer based!

Warriors, this means even more data tracking to pigeonhole our children into jobs. Jobs that feed a global economy and give zero thoughts to HOW your children are treated. In this terrible virtual setup, these children, as young as kindergarten will be nothing more than ‘human capital’.

What’s human capital got to do with tax credits? Taxes are a part of our economy. When our children (and even ourselves) are so devalued by our government as far as our rights, freedoms, and, liberties, we are reduced to a dollar sign. Exactly what bitcoins and cyber cash do to us.

If you’re familiar with the Chinese Sesame Credit System, you’ll understand that EVERYTHING we do is measured digitally. This is a blockchain. Thus, every ‘good action’ is rewarded. Every ‘bad action’ is punished. This blockchain is what HR 4286 sets up.

Where did bitcoin get started? I would point you to Wrench in the Gears blog for anything connected to bitcoins and blockchains. In fact it is the author of this blog who provided me with some of the information you are reading.

To see the actual data trail connecting education to gaming (which is being used more and more in our classrooms),
look at the Wrench in the Gears file, located here. It describes AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), and xAPI (a set of standards to profile users). Be sure to notice the data trail between user and education and that the data ends up at the IRS. Precisely where HR 4286’s tax credits will be implemented from. HR 4286 amends the 1986 US Tax Code to allow this.

Much of the research for what we’re seeing in virtual education (in this case apprenticeships) was tested on our US military personnel. This 1994 document (page 16 describes it as ‘dial a war’) will reveal:
1) The US Dept. of Defense and the NSF (National Science Foundation) tested software on soldiers
2) Data collected and shared displayed competency and collaborative learning (think CBE, competency based learning and project based learning, PBL)
3) This system allowed for several soldiers to be in the same virtual place ‘working’ on a model which only existed in cyber space. (think working on something which isn’t real. When children play like this it’s pretend.)

Above, Warriors, notice the data cost of being a human worker, at least under the CCSS Machine’s rule.

Warriors, you may know a brief history of apprenticeships, but with a proposed Bill like HR 4286, we’ll be repeating the corrupt system of child labor. However, because the work is virtual and non existent, no paycheck will be given. Only digital badges which will be used for/against them in the future. So, how exactly will this set-up fill jobs AND boost the national economy?

The screen shot you see is from a free e-book on Google. It’s the entire volume of the Apprenticeship Bulletin (printed in Boston, MA, 1907. On the cover, you’ll see the young people at the printing presses. Think about your littlest ones sitting at computers ‘earning a wage’. 

Pay for Success(PfS) would be another way to look at this, Warriors.

Pay for Success is a nasty globally bred tool to manipulate people. Congress loves PfS in business. PfS was mandated in ESSA, too.

In 2019, you may find other labels for PfS. “Learning Lockers”, ‘digital badges’, ‘microcredentials’ or “xAPI”. Gaming systems use xAPI . The dangers behind PfS systems with ANY type of name are that the entire system is rigged to generate FALSE COMPETENCIES. HR 4286 will change the tax credits to LEVERAGE our economy based on THIS SYSTEM!

(*Notes: Then take into consideration that much of the 1994 ‘research’ has paved the way for what we are seeing in education’s shift from academics to workforce in 5G, AI, and, broadband which also extends into your home. Warriors, I shared (in 2017) with you a mandate from ESSA(Every Student Succeeds Act) about broadband access to every single home in America so that 365, 24/7 access to ‘quality on-line educational resources’ would have to become a reality!)

The goal of aligned careers?? ‘Workforce’ workers.


Related Resources:

1) Congress hasn’t learned its lesson when it comes to ‘(VAs), virtual apprenticeships’. Many nations have tried to implement them throughout history and found the VAs to be a disaster because the entire reality of people’s learning styles differ so much that removing the person to person contact caused more problems than created successful systems.
From the United Kingdom, 12 years ago, their research on how bad VAs were. (*Note: since then the UK has been involved with the EU’s (European Union’s) Youth Guarantee Program. The Youth Guarantee Program is simply an updated socialism program. If you’re not employed, you’re in a school; all under the government’s control.)

2) From my archives (2016) the Congressional snow jobs about workforce education where at an all time high. Some of the same CCSS Machine rhetoric is still alive and spreading in 2019.

3) If you aren’t exactly sure of the definition for a VA (Virtual Apprentice) it’s found in the 1994 document.
Basically, it’s distance learning which supposedly bridges competency gaps in humans.

4) While Rep. Budd may not be a ‘career politician’ he can be tied to some big CCSS Machine groups. Like the Aspen Institute. In this U.S. House of Representatives Gift and Travel Database, you can see Aspen Inst., The Rockefeller Foundation, and, the MacArthur Foundation all helped to send several members from the House on a energy/job convention trip to Norway in 2017. From another 2017 entry of the U.S. House of Representatives Gift/Travel Database, you can find Rep. Budd (and several other ‘conservative’ Reps) were sent to NYC for a Heritage Foundation retreat. Among the topics: “entitlement reform”. (*Note: Heritage Foundation is a CCSS Machine member group, too, and boldly supports ‘school choice’.)

5) From 2007 (Canada), an in-depth research paper on VAs. You have to read this, Warriors, the survey questions are included! You’ll find curriculum currency, retraining citizens for a ‘fit economy’, and ‘lifelong learning’.

6) From the Aspen Institute, their recent publication on ‘bipartisan’ ways to expanding economic opportunities for America.  Look on pages 8, 31, 35, 56, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 67, 69, 70, and 178. You’ll find increasing government control via funding, creating more P3s (public private partnerships) PfS for virtual apprenticeships, and, reforming the entire K-12th education system by expanding VAs and labor market reforms.

7) From the American Economic Assoc. ,a 2017 paper on virtual apprenticeships. However, this paper targets VAs for college, NOT K-12th.


Warriors, we must continue to expose these bad Bills. We must continue to help educate our leaders and their staff about the TRUTH in 2019 American education. HR 4286 is a thinly veiled global system to reshape our economy while creating future workers who will not really be working at all. 


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