Centers for Disease Control Guidances for Students – Students Won’t Be the Only Ones Affected

This episode of The Liberty Belles finds Lynne and Suzanne shifting gears. The two colleagues discuss the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) “guidance” on masks for students returning to school in the fall in light of the COVID-19 “pandemic”. Not only do these “guidances” pertain to students in grades K-12, the CDC has “guidances” for children in early childhood education and child care programs and young adults who attend institutes of higher learning. The “guidance” is for children ages 2 and older to don masks while attending in-person learning. However, if you are an adult enrolled in classes at an in-person learning facility, these “guidances” will affect you as well, continuing the cradle to grave government nanny state. Staff at these in-person learning facilities at all levels will be subject to these “guidelines”.

In an additional egregious move, the Department of Education will be involved in “case investigation” and “contact tracing” in conjunction with the local Health Department. Therefore, this will affect families as well. If this wasn’t bad enough, some areas will have “screening testing” for faculty and students based upon “community transmission rates” and percent of population “vaccinated”. This will further divide communities along the “vaccinated” versus “unvaccinated” line. While the CDC claims these “guidelines” are based on “current scientific evidence”, many followers of The Liberty Belles and Sons of Liberty Media know that nothing regarding the COVID-19 “pandemic” has remotely followed any science whatsoever.

As we all know, children, who are still developing physically, should not be subjected to mask mandates for many reasons. One, of which, is the brain is still developing. The mandated masks can be socially, emotionally and psychologically damaging as well as physically injurious due to the impediment of oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide levels. Because of so many children who have suffered injuries due to “mask mandates”, Citizens for Free Speech has a website called “” for parents, family members, and others to report injuries to children related to prolonged and mandated mask wearing, but injuries from the experimental gene therapy injection as well. If you would like to read some of the injuries children have suffered because of the CDC “following the science”, it is suggested you keep a box of tissues handy.


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