The Liberty Belles – Episode 8 – Continuing to Expose MINDSPACE

The Liberty Belles continue blowing the lid off the monstrous MINDSPACE document which can/will/is being used to manipulate and control the masses around the globe through methods targeting behavior modification. And, a document out of Australia is mimicking the same – there is no attempt to hide it – which is being introduced because of its similarity to MINDSPACE but will be covered in detail in a future episode. Despite being tagged as a “not for government policy” document, the devil in the details has signaled otherwise. Not surprisingly, a document out of Wisconsin closely follows these two documents in maneuvering/manipulating behavior’s on the individual and society.

In a video clip housed at A&E TV network’s “Leah Remini – S’ology and the Aftermath”, Steven Hassan explains the cult mentality and the brainwashing effect, which is exactly how MINDSPACE and The Communications and Behavior Change documents are working toward – being viewed as a religion or cult.

Right on cue, Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, issued a statement outlining the policies and priorities of the unconstitutional federal Department of Education, which includes everything that should not be included with education.


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