Conclusion of MINDSPACE Document Analysis

The Liberty Belles conclude our look at the MINDSPACE document. While the document claims it is not intended for government policy, techniques and elements discussed in this document are already being used against the people and children in the schools by various world government and corporations to influence, direct, and control behavior. The document is long but should be read by all in order to detect what is being inflicted upon the populace of the world. Unfortunately, several entities and individuals in the US partnered to help produce this guidebook toward behavioral influence.

There is a companion document coming out of Australia to MINDSPACE, which will be discussed in future episodes, that appears to be the “how-to” manual for behavior control. Only through knowledge of these nefarious elements can the people discern when the elements and techniques are being employed in order to mount a resistance against it.

Due to continued difficulty uploading to UgeTube, The Liberty Belles will cease to use that platform and change to BrandNewTube, if possible. You can always find us on BitChute at The_Liberty_Belles, Rumble at TheLibertyBelles, and on at “Hamner It Out”.

On July 3, 2021, at 7 PM Eastern time, The Liberty Belles will host their second “Saturday Night Special” live event on the Facebook page of Suzanne Hamner. We will be discussing the G7/G20 summit that just concluded. The Liberty Belles host a live event the first Saturday of the month to bring information and allow interaction – barring no technical difficulties, which occurred during the first live event. For our August live event, we are hoping to have a guest specializing in child psychology to discuss the effects of behavior control, using the MINDSPACE document as a reference, on our children in the public indoctrination centers, aka schools.

As always, Stay vigilant and armor up warriors!


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