How Government Is Sponsoring Non-Educators In Their Education Marketing & It’s All About The Money

The CONvid-1984 in 2020 opened up new opportunities for many to take advantage of gullible parents and grandparents to purchase political driven books for young children, and boatloads of money are pouring into the author’s coffers as a result of dumbing down the children in the united States.  The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me in this episode and you’ll see that even some in government are promoting this stupidity.

Articles, links and additional resources mentioned in this episode provided by Lynne.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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The SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Big Biz is booming and isn’t going away at all.

This is an image I made a while back to illustrate the fence hemming effects of the CCSS Machine:

I believe it fits more, now, in 2021, than ever before.

Link to the founder of Choose/Nice: 
Link to the Choose/Nice Shopping Page, where you can buy a 1 year contract for SEL manipulation in your school/community:
The Choose/Nice Summer Reading Lists for K-5th and 6th-8th (we’ll spend some time going over these)

From the K-5th grade list, I found a very thinly veiled UN nod:

Also from the K-5th grade list, this ‘review’ of another book:

(*Note: we’ll need to look at the founder of Prindle to bring up a very relevant point)

GoodReads website features the PDIC complete 6 week phonics kit:

Lastly, for PDIC, the SEL bundle deal for families of all ed choices: (Be sure to note that on any of these for sale SEL items, the comments by grandparents, parents, and school officials)

1) From 2018, the global citizen mental health grabs still alive via SEL entities.

2) From early 2018, an article I wrote for the (now inactive) Patriot Institute. In this one, look for the UN backed 3HO (stands for ‘healthy’, ‘happy’, and, ‘holy’). The ‘holy’ part is self-directed cult mindfulness!

3) From 2019, the “Project Happiness Global” SEL laced programs in our schools/communities.


Warriors, I hope you can see that business men and women with ZERO educational background are hardly a new thing in America. Look at former U.S. Sec. of Education DeVos: zero educational background, but lots of money from business to throw at education. Due to her family ties, profits, today, are being funneled back to some of those businesses. Folks like Kutasi and Creiger are making much profit off of education, too. Again, where’s their educational background?

Do you see the evidence of the previous research I’ve exposed about the billions of dollars these bogus entities are making off SEL?! Remember, the real agenda of SEL is to be a ‘behavior manager’ of you, your family, our nation, and our children. It’s an economic gold mine the P3s (public private partnerships) are banking on.

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