The Liberty Belles Discuss HR 3684 – Infrastructure Includes Everything

In this week’s episode of The Liberty Belles, Lynne and Suzanne take a look at H.R. 3684, “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act”, which Lynne partly covered on The Sons of Liberty Radio show on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 with host Tim Brown. This behemoth of a bill has passed the House and the Senate, but has not been forwarded to the executive for signature. In fact, this “bill” now has 119 companions that are in various stages in the legislative process for passing.

When talking about this bill, it includes everything and the kitchen sink. At 2,740 pages, you can bet a dollar to a dime that not one individual inside the Beltway has read this bill; but, relied on staff members to divide the bill and provide bullet talking points. Therefore, it could be said that no one in the District of Criminals knows how this all will play out in completion. In other words, get ready for some “unintended” consequences that are actually intentional.


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