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It’s now 2022 and The Liberty Belles are back! After a long sabbatical due to illness in Suzanne’s family, the dust has settled, the table top smoothed, and we are up in the saddle. The Belles discussed some current issues regarding education and the teachers’ unions. In a report from 2020 regarding the State of North Carolina, a surge in home school applications caused the website to crash. Lynne explains why and the discussion turns to usage of home schooling as a way to micromanage your private residence using the “public school unit” designation. Lynne provided several previous articles at her site,, to show that private Christian schools can be under the same requirements as the public indoctrination centers.

Breitbart News reported that teachers were planning lessons surrounding last January 6th protect at the capitol building. Some teachers are planning to skew the actual events to fit a narrative using the premise of describing the incident as an “insurrection”. It’s interesting that January 6th was chosen as the date since it is the epiphany. Teachers’ unions in various States are demanding that schools remain closed due to COVID-19 (which Suzanne touched on briefly), pushing for schools to return to “virtual learning”.

On a positive note, Blacklisted News reported that Los Angeles California canceled their COVID-19 injection mandates after 30,000 kids were not going to receive the jab. Kudos to the parents for standing up; but, remember who is governor of California and how teachers’ unions can hold systems and parents hostage.

Stay tuned. Next week’s videocast is sure to be entertaining and informing. Stay vigilant. Armor up. We’ll catch you on the flip side.Sources:

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