The Liberty Belles Episode 6

Once again, The Liberty Belles are busting the racket wide open on those who work furiously to usurp parental authority in the area of education. This week, we discuss a document coming straight out of the United Nations which will assuredly condone pornography for children by “making it a right” by slipping into education. Remember, rights come from God, not any government, entity or created international organization.<br>As an added bonus, a true treasure of a document that was discovered is being introduced briefly. This document, out of the European Union, confirmed using “behavior economy” to manipulate masses in order to “steer” those masses in the direction those imagining themselves in power want those masses to go. It is also a means to identify those who are resistant.<br>Stay tuned! There will definitely be more on this “treasure” and a surprise in the near future.


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