What is behind the “Communism Teaching Act” Lynne M Taylor with Pastor Greg

Democracy or a Republic, which do we have? That was the question asked of Benjamín Franklin after the meeting of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, after which he said, “A Republic if you can keep it.” Democracy is the tyranny of the majority or party by force or fraud. A Republic is the defense from a Democracy, but requires an educated electorate. Thus the assault on our education institution. Below are the resources discussed the interview for you to research yourself. I pray you will take that challenge.

1) Rep. Salazar’s Press Release from Sept. 2023:
2) DeSantis’ move for FL:
(We need to note that the Social Studies Standards the Victims of Communism Foundation are using include the FL Standards which are Common Core aligned)
3) The website for FL Standards specifically named in the Victims Curriculum.
4) The Victims of Communism Curriculum Landing Page:
5) Where the “State Standards” for Victims of Communism can be found (scroll all the way to the bottom)
6) The National Group behind the Standards:
and its partner group at the Univ. of CA:
7) How this aligns to Common Core:
8) My article on DeSantis and the lie he got rid of Common Core:
https://www.commoncorediva.com/2019/02/23/good-job-vs-bad-job/ (Scroll down until you see “The Future for FL”)
9) Capital Research Center produced this video:
Here’s the almost 3 minute video that depicts communism:
10) CRC isn’t as pure as they would like us to believe:
(Look at their funding)
11) CRC’s website:
12) Reagan’s ties to globalism:

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