Recently, the Washington Post published an article about the U.S. States renaming ‘Common Core’ for their own purposes. (Here’s the link to the article: Now, while the article appears to give ‘just the facts’, my intent is to take a more ‘tongue in cheek’ approach to the states choicesContinue Reading

Hello and welcome to the beginning of another work week. Since Mondays are the only true posts I can express my opinion, I’m taking today to ‘vent’ about some of out and out propaganda we’ve all had thrown at us  when it comes to education in general and/or Common CoreContinue Reading

Happy Monday, my anti CCSS Warriors! Fighting against the illegal, inappropriate, and downright WRONG that CCSS is, day in and day out, can leave us weary. Warriors need care and feeding to remain strong. Today’s Musings is an update ‘recipe’ of what I envision would be appropriate to keep usContinue Reading