Sic ‘Em Saturday

Sic 'Em Saturday

Today’s post is dedicated to my fellow NC citizens set to ‘storm the halls’ of the building the First Common Core Repeal Committee meeting is set for on Monday, September 22nd!

Present a united front in Raleigh, my friends!
Present a united front in Raleigh, my friends!

We have worked long and hard for this day. A day where we will begin to see the wrongs righted; the plight of illegal, immoral, and injustice corrected. We anti CCS warriors have lost sleep, sacrificed time with our families, traveled far and wide to see this day when the Common Core in NC will begin to die!

We will not rest, we will not stop until our students, from PreK to workforce are given back their futures! No amount of money will ever be equal to the amount of promise our students can regain with Common Core abolished and out of their lives forever!

We will remember which authorities over us are fighting for our students and which ones are fighting for corporate greed. We know our power is in not only our voices, but our votes..which we will use to root out pro Common Core Standards authorities in November 2014!

May your journey to Raleigh be safe, your presence in the room, the hallways connected be ominous. May your stance be unwavering as you confront, face to face, those who will hold our students education in their hands. May your stares hold them to the highest of accountability. May you be fierce, firm, and formidable. May you be honest, sincere, and honorable.

For each one of you present, know there are many more of us who are standing with you, continuing to fight from where we are. We will join you there in the future, make no mistake. We know we have much work left to complete.

We are anti-Common Core Standards warriors: we are leaders, we are committed, purposed and ready to carry on for our students. We will accept nothing less than preserving the honor, integrity, excellence, maturity, well roundness a true quality education can deliver.

We know, with every fiber of our beings that Common Core Standards are NOT any of the above. We know a true quality education builds off the parameters of due process and is crafted to honor America and our Constitution. We know a true quality education’s goal should not be to line the pockets and bank accounts of those involved. A true education is priceless in value and comes at a great cost. We know for our students sake’s and their futures that only tried, true, legally binding educational system will suffice and serve them masterfully well. You stand not just for NC students, but for all students across America.

I stand with you, in honor and in my armor. Give ’em hell!

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