Monday Musings: Common Core, Women on the Wall, and Me

Monday Musings

While I’m not new to the battle against Common Core, I am relevantly new to blogging and the big social media scene. So imagine my surprise, when last week, on my birthday no less, I got an honored invitation to be a special guest on the weekly “Women on the Wall” national phone conference!! (Please be sure to go to their website & register for the FREE call.) Date: 11/5/14, time: (9:30 pm EST, 8:30 pm CST, 7:30 pm MST, and 6:30 pm PST)


Women Who Wow Us:

In this battle against the un-American, un-Constitutional Common Core Standards citizens from all walks of life, all educational background choices, and expertise have spoken up against the CC Machine. I call it a ‘machine’ repeatedly because I know, as you do too, how extensive the overreach of Common Core is. Some have compared it to a web that’s tangled. I refer to it as a machine because it is so well put together and self propels, much like a working machine.

We’ve been ‘wowed’ by students speaking up, by Moms shouting out, by Dads being escorted out. We still keep hammering away at the injustice….no matter what we face. THAT’S ‘wow’! THAT’s ‘conviction’! THAT’s what a non Common Core education taught us!

So, just who are the “Women on the Wall”? They are a lovely group of Texans; Austin is home base, according to Facebook (see their page:

This is their battle cry:

We are the daughters & granddaughters of the women of America’s GREATEST generation….they answered the call to save America and now it is our turn.

From their Mission and Purpose Statement:

WE are AMERICA’s Women. We’ve come too far.  WE will not back down~ WE will not be silenced~ WE will not submit ~ to ANY law~ to ANY leader~ to ANY religion~ that does not adhere to our Constitution and uphold OUR God given rights, of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Standing United to Preserve our Nation for Future Generations of American Citizens….

Our Primary Areas of Focus:

America’s Children & Their Futures

Abandonment of  our Founding Principles

Rapidly Decaying Culture & Society

Out-of-Control Immigration Policies

Common Core, APUSH:

I first heard about Women on the Wall a few months ago when they were leading up to the special guest appearance of Larry Krieger, a well known expert on AP (Advanced Placement) U. S. History or APUSH for short. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Krieger, I’ve included one link where you can learn why his presence on the anti side of poor educational standards is vital.

Since AP courses and exams are under the authority of College Board, that means David Coleman is involved. Remember, he’s a member of the authors of Common Core as well.

I tell you this so you can better understand just HOW dedicated these Women on the Wall are. They are consistent, they are well researched, they pull punches at the issues, not the people. They, like me, mean business when it comes to standing up, speaking out.

Together, we, and thousands more like us are modern day Joans-of Arc! If you follow me on Twitter (@commoncorediva), you know my profile picture is, in fact, Joan of Arc. We have spunk, we have truth, we know how use both well.

How WOW Picked Me:

 I like to believe WOW selected me for some of the same reasons I admire them: clarity, aplomb, and solid research. What will I speak on? To my knowledge, I’ll be addressing the not so well known (at least before too long ago) CCSS and Career Pathways, CSS after high school, and any related topic. You see, while not all states ‘adopted’ CCSS, they each and every one of them DO have Career Pathways! Career Pathways, as you know, encompass all educational choices. How? Listen in Wednesday night.
As it stands right now, no matter how much you may replace or repeal CCSS in your states, you won’t be free of it. Because we’ve only been looking at the education side. We MUST have courage to look at the other angles. Those include commerce, labor, and others. We must change, we know that. We won’t break the Machine of CCSS without change. You can’t have change without awareness. You can’t have awareness without truth. Our states will not be best served until the CCSS Machine is broken down from ALL, workforce, healthcare, and on and on.

While I’ve been able to make a statewide impact against CCSS, going to social media has gotten the word out even farther than I ever thought. I’m humbled to be considered worth listening to. I do hope my research will continue to be of use to anyone interested.

I’ve included a short video, an associate of mine taped at a recent meeting in NW North Carolina. It should give you a taste of what I hope to be sharing. I hope to be able to share much more!

Personal note: The video begins when it was my turn to speak. I was following another anti CC warrior, Dr. Oddy Crist. She came to America from Germany. She lived there when what we call CCSS was first taught. She knows the set up very well. She, too is a WOW lady!

Final thoughts:

Please know that unlike real life divas, I’m not into self promotion. I am sharing this timely news, as I know you, like me, are serious about exposing all the cracks and gaps in CCSS. As always, use any of this to help share with others so that together WE can WOW others! We can inspire them to join our fight against the CC Machine.

Frankly, I’m a bit nervous about sharing this. Why? I’d rather the focus stay on the issue, not who I am.

I’ve no clue what the other side of this blessed opportunity will be. However, I do know, I’ll be happy to share it with you!

To all my WOW ladies in NC and across the nation..thank you for how you fight this battle. To all those MOW (Men on the Wall), thank you for standing with us. Finally, to all those SOW (Students on the Wall)..walk with us, thank you for fighting with us. Let us, all, be victorious!


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