Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I’m sure you’ve been busy trying to get everything as ‘in a row’ as possible in our current situation. I know I have. Sure, we’re seeing things we NEVER thought we’d ever see in our lifetimes. However, we CANNOT give in, give up, OR, sell out.Continue Reading

In this episode of Rotten to the Core Wednesday on Sons of Liberty radio with Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor, we go over several documents and a 1989 video from Senator Lamar Alexander where we show that the global agenda to pus a communist-style indoctrination system is in full forceContinue Reading

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, thank you for being such intelligent citizens! We’ve seen our media AND our government throw so many distractions at us, especially when it comes to education. If you are familiar with the children’s movie “UP!” you well remember the loveable dog. He would be committed toContinue Reading