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Monday Musings
Do you want to keep Common Core? Allowing the re-authorization of Sen. Alexander's NCLB/ESEA will do just that AND more!
Do you want to keep Common Core? Allowing the re-authorization of Sen. Alexander’s NCLB/ESEA will do just that AND more!

By staying silent about this, we are allowing not only Common Core to proceed, but SO much more! A Couple of Weeks Ago, I wrote about the huge push for the re-authorization of the ESEA/NCLB bill sponsored by Sen. Alexander. (see:

In the essence of time, I’m only offering 12  succinct points of WHY this bill is toxic to our educational choices for ALL ages! To see the entire list of reasons why, be sure to access the above original article OR search out others who’ve written about this.
1) LEA grants will be a whopping $15 billion per year until 2021. Add to that $400 million for assessments. Federal money will be relegated for the states to have ‘technical assistance’ in 2 areas (closing the skills gap and guaranteeing no remediation).

2) Perkins Funding, IDEA legislation, the Nation’s Report Card will all be used to further have states be held accountable TO the federal government, NOT the federal government leaving states rights alone!

3) Family financial information, family lifestyle information…all private information will be open accessed under this re-authorization!

4) Massive teacher reform, assessment reform, and the Adult CCSS (Career Tech Education) are all written into this bill!

5) Further alliance to the CCSS via AP courses, IB schools! (see my article for HOW this is capable,

6) Any professional development for educators can be lead by ANYONE the Secretary of Education deems worthy!

7) Any public-private partnership deemed capable of being involved in a child’s education gets the green light!

8) Outcome based education will continue to live on!

9) Those 21st Century Community Learning Centers will be given an increase in power!

10) The power the Secretary of Education increases in other ways!

11) Another state vs. state competition for federal money via education will occur!
States will increase their power over how the littlest children will be taught at home!

12) How are U.S. tax dollars are used in all of this is not our choice!

Have you not read enough?! Will you stay silent? I won’t!! CALL today!

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