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Everyday is a GREAT day to yank the CCSS ball right out from under the Machine's feet.
Everyday is a GREAT day to yank the CCSS ball right out from under the Machine’s feet.

I don’t know about your battle in your state, but here in NC, things are far from over. News that we don’t have CCSS anymore is just  a plain lie. Our state is like the others seeking to be free. None of us are truly free yet. However, the post today is about celebrating and pressing on..not what’s wrong about CCSS. For that, we’d need an entire planet. That way we could take aim, fire, and blow it up. But, a warrior can dream, right?!

Let’s Celebrate!

Thank YOU for the following:

 your faithful readership,

your continued questions which need answering,

your warrior (first person accounts of what’s really happening across the USA) accounts which you honor me with being able to share,

and your sharing on all that this blog with many others you know fighting.

Let’s Review:

Below, for your convenience in fighting this war against the ‘Core’, I’m giving  you the most relevant anti CC related groupings. Many of you, whom have followed me for a while have requested I do this. Those of you whom are new to my blog will be able to find much they can use in fighting, as well. Much of the war is focused on K-12, however, I began my researching in 2009 to expose CC in ALL the OTHER places it lurks, because CCSS is NOT JUST K-12!

For Workforce and Common Core Standards:

Here’s the link to 8 pages of published articles packed with history, links, pdfs, and more!
https://www.commoncorediva.com/page/8/?s=Workforce (*NOTE: Start on page 8 with the PCAST, STEM, and CCSS article, then follow it with the Common Core After High School Reality Check) Why this is important to your battle in your state? Chambers of Commerce across our nation are pushing Workforce training via schools. Schools are aligning education to fit the business needs for economic reasons..not fitting your students needs for life!
For Career Tech Education (CTE) or/and Career Pathways/Career Clusters and Common Core Standards:
Here’s the link to CTE’s 8 pages, https://www.commoncorediva.com/page/8/?s=career+tech+education (*NOTE: If you are really interested in federal overreach into post secondary education, want to investigate the P3s (public-private partnerships), this is where you’ll find out how the Vice President, National Science Foundation, and many others are up to their necks in laying the groundwork for an aligned, trained talent supply)

Here’s the link for Career Pathways/Clusters and their pages, https://www.commoncorediva.com/page/2/?s=career+pathways+career+clusters (*NOTE: while only 2 pages worth of articles are here, be sure to read the Federal budget ones so you can see how many of our tax dollars are going to help align education to fit someone else’s agenda and not our local areas)


For Homeschools and Common Core Standards:

Many believe homeschooling is safe from the CCSS, but oh, that is so NOT true! Even the ‘fact’ about ‘only assessments’ isn’t true either. CCSS has crept into homeschooling (aka some type of private education in some states) in massive ways. Most notable ALL of the above? Why? Our homeschool graduates typically go on to post-secondary world. CCSS is embedded in post-secondary education in spades!

Here’s the link for those wanting to learn more about CCSS’s overreach into home education, https://www.commoncorediva.com/page/2/?s=homeschool (*Note: when you read these, notice the enticements being offered the homeschooling families)


For P3s Overreach into Education and Common Core Standards:

Here’s the link for the 3 pages of published and informative articles. You’ll especially want to access the articles about the Small Business Administration, the Summative Assessment Task Force, Perkins Funding, Education Waivers, and the College/Career Readiness Consortium. Ghastly, isn’t it?? https://www.commoncorediva.com/page/3/?s=P3s+


Let’s look ahead:

So, what’s ahead for the Common Core Diva and the blog? While some of that depends on what you, the reader/follower/warrior, request of me. Do you need other information? Do you want MORE information? Would you like to see other categorical articles like this one to help you out? This is where feedback from you is VITAL! So, please respond. What I do, I do for you.

The part of what’s ahead that isn’t so depend on my readers, is that I’m been asked to speak out both statewide and nationally on what I’ve learned. That’s certainly worth celebrating!!!  I’m honored and humbled to be considered as worth seeking advice from.

Also, I’ve also been invited (and accepted) a new volunteer position to be an education watchdog (like I’m not already) for NC. While I am celebrating this, I want to encourage you to find something to celebrate in your journey down this anti CCSS road. Have you made new friends? Have you helped influence a legislator? Did you finally have that ‘CC’ talk with your school board? Have you been able to speak out nationally or locally? (*NOTE: speaking out on any level doesn’t always involve a podium and nerves of steel..you CAN speak out when you use social media, write letters, call into radio shows, etc.)


Simply put, thank you for what you do and for allowing me to be a part of this journey. May we continue to walk it together as we lay out ourselves for our students..of all ages, abilities, and kinds.

You are so worth fighting for, my fellow anti CCSS warriors. Let's continue to do this for our students!
You are so worth fighting for, my fellow anti CCSS warriors. Let’s continue to do this for our students!

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