In case you missed these articles or wish to review them.
In case you missed these articles or wish to review them.

Face it, anti CCSS/CTE Warriors, we’ve come a long way together. We also face much more activity before we can find ourselves finished. Since the recap of my “Would You Believe It?” articles was a big hit, I thought the “From the Files” would be helpful, especially when each one has embedded documents we need for our battles against the CCSS Machine.

Arranged by topic, these are sure to be ones to share with new warriors. Thank you for your continued trust.

For You, the Anti CCSS Warriors:

CCSS, More than ‘Just Standards:

Where STEM, CCCS, and CTE Intersect:

Private Funders, Political Agendas, and America’s Alignment to CCSS:

Health Care, Social Emotional Learning, CTE, and CCSS:

Charter Schools, Private Education, and, CCSS:

CCSS,CTE, CCR (College CareerReadiness), Adult Education, and Outcome Based Education:

Workforce Education and  Massive Data Mining:

Being a ‘Core Ready’ School:

For The Alignment of Our Teachers:

CCSS and the Small Business Administration:

Featuring the Man Tapped as Duncan’s Successor:

CCSS,CTE, and, Special Needs:

CCSS Possible Legislation:

CCSS Assessments:

CCSS, CTE, and, Home Education:



While you see many topics above, be sure to use only the topics you need and save the others for future reading. My goal is NOT to overwhelm you, but to show you just how all encompassing the CCSS Machine is. Be sure to tune in to the usual Wednesday media outlets I contribute to. I’ll be back on the blog Thursday.

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