Breaking News! Feds Re-Up 5 States for ESEA Waivers

U.S. Dept. of Ed..rounding up some states even before the HR5 legislation is voted upon.
U.S. Dept. of Ed..rounding up some states even before the HR5 legislation is voted upon.

Just announced on social media, today, March 31st; the U.S. Dept. of Education granted 5 states the renewal of the their ESEA/NCLB Waivers. This means that even before the CCSS laden HR5 legislation in voted on April 6th (or it is believed to be voted upon then), these states are seemingly locked in already.

The Press Release:

Here’s a brief excerpt, “The U.S. Department of Education announced today that Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina and Virginia have each received a four-year renewal for flexibility from provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).”

What you might want to know is the announcement also shares that the process was sped up to make this decision. The press release will tell you this 5 states are going to be leading the way in improving educational outcomes for all students, closing skills/achievement gaps, and more.

Here’s another excerpt, ESEA flexibility has led to a greater focus on ensuring that schools have the same expectation of college- and career-readiness for every student. States are focusing resources on comprehensive, rigorous interventions in the lowest-performing schools, while ensuring that all low-achieving students have the supports they need to catch up to their peers. ESEA flexibility has had the effect of energizing teacher and principal effectiveness work across the country and put the focus on creating feedback systems that show the impact teachers and principals are having on student learning and shine a light on best practices to support teachers’ development.”

A state by state description of what the 5 has done for all of the above is also included in the press release.

To see the entire release:

If you live in these 5 states, have loved ones who reside in these states, simply want to warn your state, SHARE this news NOW!

We must stop HR5 ! We must find a way to be free of the ESEA/NCLB waivers. They’re worst than a bad burrito which keeps repeating itself in your digestive track. Be a cowboy for the work against the CCSS…rope this bad legislation in!!

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