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Anti CC Warriors, you may be old enough to remember the “Smokey the Bear” ads used to prevent wildfires. So, what does that have to do with fighting Common Core? Plenty! Only we, the Warriors Against the Core can prevent the CCSS Machine from spreading further alignment in our nation!

Preventing the CCSS Machine from progressing is a shovel ready project I can believe!
Preventing the CCSS Machine from progressing is a shovel ready project I can believe!

What We Can Continue Doing:

1) Keep spreading the truth. If you’re new to the War Against the Core, dig in and find the facts. If you don’t know where to look, ask someone you know who’s been fighting. Chances are, if you are reading this, you’ve been spreading truth already and know that Warriors like myself, have plenty of evidence you can use. Don’t by shy in asking for help.

2) Keep attending meetings with your local officials, not just the school boards. Why? So much of the CCSS Machine is based on total community alignment, not just education. Also, given the level of meddling by the public, private partnerships (which often include businesses), we’ve seen proof of those ill-equipped to run education try to do just that.
If you’re not sure about the total community alignment, feel free to search my blog (or google the following phrase) for “KnowledgeWorks”, “P21”, or “aligned communities”. You’ll find the Council of Chief State School Officers involved in these efforts as well. You can also search for “US Chamber of Commerce”, they’re in on total alignment as well.

3) When you learn something that could help others fight this battle to free our education and nation of all things CCSS (includes its related efforts such as Career Tech Education, etc.), be sure to share it! Like Smokey used to say, there’s no spark too little to ignore when it comes to preventing forest fires. For we warriors, there’s no too small a bit of information or evidence to ignore!

4) I’m sharing 2 articles which illustrate points 1, 2, and 3 from above. The first one is called “Lead and I Will Follow?”.
The second is “A Common Core Future: A Skewed America”.

A New Prevention to Fight CCSS:

Released just moments ago, a letter to the U.S. Congress and the select committee leads to halt the conference negotiations concerning the re-authorization of ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act). This means BOTH the HR5 (Student Success Act) and the S1177 (Every Child Achieves Act) would be tabled until after the new administration takes over in Washington D.C. as a results of the elections set for November 2016. It also means any connectors to the re-authorization efforts toward HEA (Higher Education Act) would need to be tabled. Anti CCSS Warrior Leaders from across the nation have signed this letter of support for a delay. Both the HR5 and the S1177 contain more, not less, CCSS alignment in a various amount of ways. Current HEA language extends what began in the ESEA and applies it to higher education. The same formula is being planned for a newer version!
That means more alignment in post-secondary schools!! As previously stated by Sen. Lamar Alexander, what began with the re-authorization of the ESEA will be completed in the re-authorization of the HEA.

To see the press release: http://edlibertywatch.org/2015/10/for-immediate-release-national-coalition-opposes-no-child-left-behind-rewrite-conference-bill/
To see the letter: http://www.flstopcccoalition.org/files/340E4386-4C72-4839-A8DC-2F671AF25561–0B810B12-A6E9-4D7F-9414-7DC79D4D7940/congressional-esea-letter-final.pdf

Use the letter as an example of one your group could write and send. Use the letter as a personal example of a support letter you can send to Congress. Our voices are LOUD! Our message is TRUTH! In spite of what the recent rhetoric is, We, the Warriors, ARE winning against the CCSS Machine! A huge thanks to Dr. Karen Effrem, the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition’s Executive Director. I am honored to have my name attached to this letter as a representation of citizen ire.

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