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Anti Fed Ed Warriors and American Citizens, recently, I’ve been one of the few across the nation exposing the tyrannical overreaches of HR 6666, aka: TRACE Act. The first article I wrote about it caused quite a stir. Good, it’s about time.

However, because HR 6666 is so “1984 in 2020”, I’m far from done with exposing it. I’m also NOT shying away from some of the other educratic BS reining over us as a free people. That calls into question, Are we truly  free?

The very afternoon of the publication of my article on TRACE, Shannon Joy contacted me. She was filling in for another radio host out of Syracuse (News Radio 570). She wanted to have me explain to the NY audience how dangerous HR 6666 is and what they could do locally to hold their officials accountable. While I don’t have an archive of the 15 minutes we had, I can tell you that a sound bite was played. It was Sen. Lamar Alexander publicily stating that all roads need to lead to COVID-19 testing. Warriors and Citizens, this is precisely what HR 6666 was written for.

In this almost 30 minute interview that same evening, my host, Kenneth McClenton of the Execeptional Conservative TV show , the same question was asked. Are we truly free, or did the COVID-19 upheaval (almost overnight) shift us from a free republic to a communistic state? Before I answer that, look at the key points brought up:

So why did my host pose the question like that? Why didn’t he say ‘socialistic’? First, look at the key points above.

Warriors and Citizens, that’s because much of what America has become IS already breeding much socialism!
Especially in education! As we all know, socialism LEADS to communism.

If we are naive enough to think our current Adminstration has pulled back the socialism programs, then why do we have free education for all on the table? Why is so much of our education (at all levels) so filled with ‘social justice’ and ‘global ideals’? Both of which perfectly align with the United Nations way more than a free United States!

Our current situation is that those in power from the towns to the White House/Capitol Hill have accepted almost every kind of initiative, executive order, and egregious acts which do NOT promote and support our U.S. Constitution. These acts do not preserve our civil and personal rights. Lastly they IMPEDE our very rights to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.

Because there’s such a top/down attitude of social justice permeating the air, those of us trying to protect our rights, our families, and, our own peace of mind are being called ‘uncaring’. People have resorted to calling loved ones out for being selfish or that they want death and pestilence instead of conformity. Elected and appointed ‘leaders’ are shoving us into nanny state status in the name of ‘conformity’. However, I ask you, conformity to WHAT?! Conformity for whom? No American citizen should be bowing down by force to ANY government entity or person. COVID-19 or not!

Warriors and Citizens, HR 6666 does not quell the continued slide down the socialism-which-leads-to-out-and-out-communism. It, in fact, speeds it up!

HR 6666 is a BAD Decision and WE must stop it!

Warriors and Citizens, this is NOT the first and only time we’ve seen moves by our Congress to embrace global tactics vs. American know-how, or just plain common sense. We’ve seen it for years. Don’t assume COVID-19 will be the LAST time we see Congress commit treason. COVID-19 is simply the ‘flavor of the month’.

Why else would so much be going into setting up nationalized data mining and language allowing for more open ended spending within the pages of HR 6666? We cannot assume that our liberties and freedoms to decide for ourselves how best to handle COVID-19 treatments for our families will be ‘returned’ to us. (Assuming you gave those rights up in the first place.)

We also need to recognize, as Ken, my host did, that HR 6666 will cause those seeking you out for mandatory testing, will do so because COVID-19 has extended the school’s use of extending itself into your home!

So, just how far will the HR 6666 Covid-19 Trackers and authorities go? The image below is simply from a general search. However, more and more real life US accounts are coming in about the downright oppressive measures being taken upon innocent citizens. Remember, having a VIRUS is NOT a crime!

The Sons Of Liberty TRACE Act Interview:

Warriors and Citizens, on my weekly appearance on the SOL Media Network, HR 6666 was the topic of the day. The entire interview is just over 1 hour. I’ve included the link which has ALL the resources you’ll need to see that the oppression isn’t in one State, but in many. This will only get worse IF we do NOTHING.

But wait, you may be deal with education, right? Yes, and as I’ve said in my first article and all 3 interviews, education is being used as a bully pulpit to advance the control of FREE Americans. It won’t just be the K-12 school buildings OR your homes. It’s to use higher education hospitals and research centers, academic locations, regardless of location.

Now, here’s an interesting situation. In places like NY, some school buildings are currently being used to house prisoners who’ve been released due to fear of COVID-19 ravaging prisons. So? Will this mean that all that HR 6666 ‘hot spots’ for testing will SHARE locations? Does this mean that once things open back up that the school buildings will be fumigated? I mean if you listen to the WHOCOVID-19’s source can  last for months (hence the months long lockdowns).

Speaking of the World Health Organization (WHO), can we finally see what incompetence is coming from the mouth of Dr. Mike Ryan? Below is a classic example of yet another ‘leader’ using doublespeak.
Warriors and Citizens, we’ve seen educratic doublespeak used in ESSA, (Every Student Succeeds Act) which is a large foundation for HR 6666’s overreaches into your schools AND your families. (*Note: you’ll probably want to enlarge this to see the difference in semantics. No, I’m not being a grammar freak, I’ve learned through research, that when these members of the CCSS Machine speak, we MUST listen closely.)

Updates You Need To Know:
1) Since the interviews and publication of articles related, the co-sponsor list for HR 6666 has grown from 45 (39 of those were original) to 59. The newest 14 are all Democrats, BUT do not assume this is all a Democrat led idea. Hardly, the Republicans are supportive, as well. Even in the Senate. Especially Sen. Lamar Alexander (who was the waterboy for ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act).

2) There are 4 petitions opposing HR 6666 (TRACE Act). Two are at the White House, 2 are with
*Note, you can only sign one petition from the White House. I tried to sign both, but I have only one email address, so the second signature didn’t count. For the White House’s petitions, you MUST confirm your virtual signature by responding to an email from them. doesn’t require email confirmation, but they will send you emails in the future.

3) White House petition links:
a) The one with the most signatures (just over 95,500 signatures) can be found, here.
*Note: The author used ‘TRES’ not TRACE, but the Bill number (HR 6666) is correct.
b) This White House petition calls HR 6666 a ‘resolution’, but is still correct and a 2 sentence truth bomb. Has around 2,700 signatures.
The links:
a) The one with just over 47, 500 signatures is here.
b) The one with around 2,300 cited which Constitutional Amendments are being violated in HR 6666 and will harm your family!

4) Warriors and Citizens, our truth and opposition is being called ‘false’ by Reuters. This means we are actually hitting too many nerves and must be somehow discredited! What a badge of honor and a strike to protect families!
In the Reuters article the 2 examples of ‘falsehoods’ are really hard to see, since both Facebook and Instagram removed the images and claimed false. However, look at the image below from both HR 6666’s sponsor, Rep. Rush and the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee!

5) is part of the on-line presence for Congress and has a pre-set way for you to OPPOSE HR 6666.
I would suggest using that. Why? The Congress members are working from home and having meetings on-line. Warriors and Citizens, these very actions SIDE STEP our Constitution!
Look below:

So, Warriors and Citizens,  the question is:
Will we let the CCSS Machine and all the media spin doctors STOP us from protesting HR 6666 and protecting our families? We MUST be stronger, louder, and, in greater numbers than those who seek to bury what TRACE will really do. I’m not going to conform to the US’s new normal. Will you?

I’m ready to go to the front on this. I’ve got the evidence and research, but more importantly, I’m on truth’s side! Write, call, or somehow contact your Congress members. Write letters to editors, or use neighborhood meetings to help others understand, this ONE Bill is setting up another way to nationalize health care using COVID-19 as an excuse. 


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