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Anti Fed Ed Warriors, due to circumstances beyond human control, the Press Conference for Child Abuse in the Classroom has been officially cancelled as of 8/30/17.

That stated, there is STILL much we CAN do to stand against ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act)!

Be sure, if you haven’t already, visit the website and sign up for email updates.

Sign up to represent your State, or make note of your State’s leader and contact them to see how you can help represent your State.

Be sure to mark 9/20/17 on your calendars and watch (or attend) the IN or TX Press Conferences.

Spread the news that our efforts to challenge ESSA are grassroots. We LOVE to have as many concerned citizens join in.


Is there anything else we, as Anti Fed Ed WarriorsCAN do between now and 9/20 to help our country?!

If you saw my recent Facebook Live video, you know I shared with you that a 4 TV wide network show will be airing 9/8/17. It’s a joint project of Project XQ and the EI Foundation (Entertainment Industry Foundation). If that’s where the ‘joint partnership’ ended, that would be toxic enough. However, the undermining of American education goes much deeper, as we’ve learned.

All the details are in the article “Live From the US”.

What is needed is for every single Anti Fed Ed or Anti CCSS Warrior out there to contact their media contacts who are also opposed to the-global-to-federal-to-local-to-your-home education takeover. Get them to help us spread the word that this broadcast is nothing more than a shameless CCSS Machine plug for education reform as THEY see fit, not as WE the People choose!!

Contact your Pastors, share this with them. We cannot and shouldn’t take this kind of extreme propaganda. The ‘cost’ of such dribble is basically that of child abuse: entrapment, loss of the civil rights of freedom and privacy.

Warriors, if you think I’m joking about the stakes behind this 4 way TV network assault on America, I urge you to read the “Live” article. Also, read the 2015 Project XQ article I shared in there and here.

Warriors, your country NEEDS you!


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