School Choice is Double Trouble for Families

The ABCs of School Choice Lies

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Double Trouble
School choice is double trouble for families!

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, I’m back to give you a list of 26 reasons why ‘school choice’ is a very unconstitutional thing!

If you’ve followed my blog for a long time, you know I have proven time and time again that ‘school choice’ died when the federal mandate in ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) stated that
“ALL Education MUST be aligned to the same post-secondary readiness standards as laid out in the
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.”
Stated quite simply: School choice means more government intrusion AND removes the representative form of government. HOW? The trojan horse behind school choice and the education savings account is to shut down EVERY type of education OUTSIDE of the public domain, then rebrand them ALL as public schools with a federal control. As such, the federal government will assign administrators, thus voiding the need for school boards. Where there are elected school boards, this negates the need to vote.
Your TAX dollars, under the US Constitution, were supposed to help form representation for voting.
So, what would happen under the boot of the federal government with those dollars? More strings that pose as ‘freedom’. If you would like to hear how school choice will remove voting, go here.

If you’ve listened to several of the interviews and shows I’ve done (solo or as part of The Liberty Belles), you know that the GOP has trotted out Betsy DeVos, along with her minions, to help sway the 2024 Elections using school choice/education savings accounts as the weapon of deception. The Research Manual from the 1990s which can prove more deceptions behind school choice, can be accessed here.
The Manual is over 700 pages, so search by terms.

So, without further pause, here’s my ABCs of School Choice Lies:
A: Absolute lie
B: Bait and switch
C: Controlled by government
D: Demeaning debt load
E: Egregious
F: Fails to protect freedom
G: Gives false hope
H: Hides an agenda
I: Increases overreaches by a corrupt system
J: Justified as ‘successful’
K: Kills personal choice/voice
L: Leaves school boards up for takeovers
M: Misrepresents Constitutional authority
N: Negates choices pre-ESSA
O: Opens Pandora’s box
P: Pushes losing rights outside of education
Q: Quits protecting personal data privacy for your lifetime
R: Redistributes wealth at the government’s bidding
S: Steals dreams/seals fate out of your choosing
T: Terrible campaign widget tool
U: Undermines parents
V: Very dangerous
W: Will destroy representative form of government, especially at the local level
X: Excessive Exercise of socialism
Y: Yields mindless lemmings
Z: Zero trust should be given to ANYONE telling you school choice is wonderful

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