Progressive Tyranny, Part Four

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*Author’s note: Anti Fed Ed Warriors, in this final installment of my detailed series on HR 2, The Moving Forward Act, I will be exposing the Congressional unity in forcing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their agenda in America. Education, is SDG #4, Quality (Global) Education for All.

In Part One (THIS Is Progress?) I introduced you to the over 2,700 pages of HR 2 and showed you that education and labor were 100% entwined. In Part Two (Progress: Part Two), you were able to learn about the educratic overreaches of HR 2.
In Part Three (Meducation Progress), the overreaches of HR 2 in our healthcare system and how education was embedded.

Smart Car Control:

Warriors, on Page 1557 of HR 2, you’ll find the Drunk Driving Prevention Technology. The Congressional purpose is supposed to help prevent crashes. The technology involved is going to take years to come up with, but the money for funding it is beging planned now. Technology like this will need research/development and attach to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math). STEM will be in the pre-apprenticeships/apprenticeships and higher education. STEM is also fully embraced by all the major vehicle makers.

While we all need fewer car crashes, the Congressional plans take prevention to a federally and internationally controlled status. Page 1559 will open the technology research/development to international AND private organizations. Page 1561 shows us $75 million per year (FY 2021-2026) will be the government’s contribution. You can also find that the rulemaking process must be completed and THEN, all vehicles AFTER that must be built with the Prevention Tech. In the image below, notice that the ‘passive’ data system will be capable of measuring blood levels and judging erratic driving. While it’s true drunk drivers are erratic, what about those who are having a heart attack or an epileptic seizure? What about someone with diabetes, where blood levels can cause drunk like symptoms? How will a mislabeled ‘car report’ impact these people’s lives? How many officials and data trackers will have access to the information?

As far as education, this certainly will encompass driver’s education. As far as healthcare, this will definitely be something to watch.

Next Generation 911:

Warriors, housed within the U.S. Dept. of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Office of Emergency Medical Services, the NG911 (Next Generation 911) has been in the works since at least, 2017. From the website, I was able to find the Data Sharing Framework for NG911. You HAVE to read it. The “Ideal Future State” is described as this:
“The ideal future state environment should be useful to all 911 stakeholders, leverage both existing and new
resources, and be resilient and sustainable.” You won’t want to miss that jurisdiction of We the People under NG911 is to be shared. This means authority will be coming at us from more than law enforcement. (*Note: on Page 777 you can find near the driver’s education changes, that ‘peace officers’ are brought up, as opposed to law enforcement officers.)

Warriors, above, is a screen shot from the existing NG911. In HR 2, $12 billion dollars from the federal government to cover FY 2021-2025. On Page 1514, you’ll find that it’s imperative to have massive data connections coordinated not only nation wide, but regionally, State-wide, and, locally. What HR 2 is NOT telling us is that the data system (PSAP: Public Safety Answering Points) is GLOBALLY connected & data shares, ESPECIALLY in the scope of COVID-19. PSAPs also have to have a registered FCC (Federal Communications Commission) number. Note, that the NG911 won’t stop at phone calls, but will use pictures, texts, and, other data trackers. (*Note: With the USMCA, US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, fully embedded in America, think what data-sharing avenues this will increase or begin!)

You can also find out in the Next Generation 911 pages of HR 2, that the federal government’s funding for it will NOT exceed 80% and the whole system can be taxed, too. (See Pages 1518 and 1525) On Page 1517, you’ll see the federal government is EXPANDED via a new office and that office will totally control NG911, yet the other tones in this section suggest it’s all to run by State and local control. Page 1526 shows how NG911 will have to comply with International Data Standards from several groups, including the IEEE (Inst. of Electrical and Electronic Engineers)
(*Note: IEEE is heavily involved in UN activities and overreaches into education, via Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA.)

Congress’s Race Bait:

Warriors, yes, Congress even found a way to add racial issues into HR 2 (remember, it’s a transportation bill). How?
Section 3005 and Section 3010 under highway safety. Now, I’m not saying that racial issues aren’t important. Quite the contrary, they are SO important, they shouldn’t be squashed into a transportation and highway update bill. That said, I’ve gone on record during interviews to state, that after reading Congressional bills and hearing the DC Swamp speak out, I professionally believe our government is the biggest race baiters out there. They continually set up the system to keep divisions at the fore-front, then, ‘rush in’ with some supposed solution. Hence, the items in HR 2.
So, Congress’s latest anti-racial plans are to ensure car charging stations are safe and discrimination free zones (Page 325); under new National Employment Plan (also a creation of HR 2), see pages 679 and beyond; Page 683 in education and workforce development via apprenticeships (and all that connects ed/labor). Page 754, grants to prohibit racial profiling & on page 785 a price tag of $100 million every fiscal year for the grants. Also see pages 2025 (housing), 2094 (schools), and 2629 (environmental justice).

Congress’s Money Pit:

Warriors, in HR 2, Amtrak (did you even know it’s a government funded rail system?) Appears to be one of the biggest cash cows (aka: money pit) in the nation. HR 2 has it embedded a whopping 238 times! Page 1061 shifts the purpose of Amtrak and addresses climate change. The same page shows Amtrak as the pathway to the middle class, especially as access to jobs. Page 1063 puts Amtrak as part of the domestic workforce and Page 1064 shows it as a ‘for profit corporation’. So, why is Congress setting aside billions to fund it?! (See Page 1027 for the FY 2021 to 2025 billions for the Northeast Corridor and National Network. Page 1028 shows the States must also chip in millions as well. Then MORE money can be found on Pages 1029 to 1041. (*Note: look below from 2013 and see the Amtrak response to a STEM supporter. STEM, is a direct link to the UN’s SDGs. Part of STEM is also climate change rhetoric taught in schools, preK to adult. Then access this 2012 Temple University/Amtrak article.)
Amtrak’s not waiting on HR 2 to become law, Warriors, Look at this 2020 article and note the ‘sustainability’ aspect.

Lastly, HR 2’s Financial Changes For America:

Warriors, I wanted to share this section, as money impacts so much of what we do in America. It’s tied to the education system. Money is SO important to the CCSS Machine that it consistently places economics OVER people.
HR 2 will change every financial system we have. Section 6007 changes it from the multi-model aspect (gathering and collecting data in an organized way. Since much of HR 2 involves post-COVID recovery/restructure, you may find my fellow Warrior, Alison’s research in data capture and how COVID’s the change agent. When I asked Alisoon for her best explanations for how mulit-model data (xAPI) harms us in education, she pointed me to this 2017 article on her blog, Wrench in the Gears. I was also pointed to her work on Datazone (2019 article on her blog).
(*Note: you should be better able to understand why the finanical infrastructure changes in HR 2 are a horrible move for We the People, after reading Alison’s research.)

Transportation finance changes are in Section 7001; Broadband finance changes (will connect to Alison’s research) are in Chapter 2; E-rate finance changes are in Section 31341, and Housing finance changes are in Section 90610.

Access the entire HR 2 Bill, here.


Warriors, there are so many red flags in this Moving Forward Act. Remember, it’s passed the House and is in the Senate. If you missed my interview on HR 2 with the Sons of Liberty, here’s the archive link.

We have NO time to lose in contacting our Senators and urging them to bat down this House Bill!
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