Attack on Free Speech – Warner Bill

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My observations:
Warner is somehow the Chief of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence.
German Marshall Fund US is a branch of the global entity.
Warner is a policy maker BEFORE being a political figure. (That speaks volumes as to his allegiance to the United States.)
Warner is a ‘go to ‘ for Goldman Sachs.
The conversation was quick to distract Americans by pointing out supposed foreign enemies yet ZERO was stated about our domestic ones.
Shift support by shifting words. Example: ‘advanced technology’ not ‘green technology’.
That way more bipartisan efforts.
This ties to a “Civic Handbook” full of ways to combat ‘disinformation’.

(See 3rd attachment)

The US Government must practice ‘cyber hygiene’.
Congress’s response to AI has been pitiful.

When you hear ‘incremental change’, think the proverbial pot of boiling frogs.

Warner mentioned his ‘buddy’ Marc Rubio. I wrote about both in 2017:
Connected will be the “Tiktok Bill”, which I helped cover on The Liberty Belles:———————————————————————————————————————–

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